Friday, November 17, 2017

"Cogs" by Amy C

Hello D-Lish Scraps fans!

It’s Amy back here again, with a canvas project. I was quite inspired by Jane Tregonza recently on a crafty retreat.

I thought that the August ‘Off the wall’ Just Add Paper (JAP) kit was the perfect kit for this canvas project.. as you can see from the photos.

It went from this 
to this:

For the background, I have prepared with Black Gesso. 

Once dried, using a paintbrush I applied some ColourBlast Heavy White Gesso randomly. Using the 5x5 stencil and colour paste with a spatula, I applied it around the canvas. While the colour paste was still wet, I sprinkled some Colour Blast embossing powder then I shook off the remaining. Using a heat gun I melted the embossing powder into the colour paste. It achieved both a metallic and bubbly effect. This was one awesome technique I learned from Jane! Once I finished preparing the background, I moved onto the clipboard cogs ‘Off the Wall’ kit.

As shown here, to create the rustic industrial look, I did a combination of heat embossing with embossing powders.
I applied both colour paste and embossing powder, and used the heat gun to dry it.
I also adhered the orange ‘Micro-Beads’ from the ‘Summer Squeeze’ JAP kit released this January. 
Once each cog was transformed, I adhered them into their clusters of three and topped it off with D-Lish Enamel Dots from the store. Enamel dots are little beauties! – as you can see here.

In this closeup here, I have adhered the completed cogs onto silver ‘Punchinella’. I roughly trimmed the Punchinella to my liking. The Puncinella can be adhered either gel medium or a strong glue. The title ‘This One Time’ was trimmed down to small blocks. This title is from the ‘Off The Wall’ Kit Bit – Journal Pack. I have also sprinkled some of the ‘Orange Microbeads’ from the ‘Summer Squeeze’ JAP kit.

I hope you are inspired to go and create!

Ciao for now – Amy 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"Papa"by Jasmine Shea

Hello, Jasmine here to share a new page with you today.

This was a page that I had started some time of those ones you just don't know if you love it or hate of those ones that you can't throw out but know it needs more.

Well this was one of those pages.  
A page that is perfect to finish it off with lots of D-lish Scraps goodness.  
My background, photo and foundations were there so I just added pieces to tie it all together.  
I am so happy I have finished it at it was a photo of my son and his grandfather that I just cherish and it had to be completed to hold on to that memory.

The pieces I used were:

 So if you have one of those pages that needs to be finished, dig into your D-lish supplies and I guaranteed it will all come together.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

"Oh Deer" by Anthea

Hi all - how are you all doing this fine beautiful day?
Today I am sharing a LO that kind of took on it's own look the further I went into it.  It was going to be a rough and tough girls LO showcasing these cute photos of my daughter chopping wood from some years ago. (I will state for the record that no one was injured in the process and she was - despite what it looks like, very well supervised in this undertaking.)

I started with a piece of patterned paper which looks like a wooden fence - I think the reason I chose this is fairly obvious! I then ripped into the paper - it has been a while since I did that and scrunched and inked all my edges to make it as grungy as possible........then, much to my horror, my LO kind of went all girly, girly. 
I totally blame the new raspberry rustic blooms in store for this!!!
  I had them sitting on the table (from another LO which I will share with you next month) and decided that I HAD to use another one in this LO because they are really THAT gorgeous!
 I popped it on the side of my photo and that was it....the rest just happened.  The lemon magnolia looked right next to it and the carnation was the perfect colour to complete the flower cluster. I cut the punchinella  to the size I wanted and simply stuck it in behind the flowers.
I then did my top cluster by combining some flowers in similar colours.  Another carnation to start, a cabbage rose and a cute velvet flower that I got from the clearance section a while back.  (I knew when I saw these they would come in handy one day).
I couldn't find any alphas that worked with my LO so I ended up going with some purple ones (Yes...purple...I used purple in a LO because I wanted to, not because I had to.) 

The purple letters looked kind of weird on their own with nothing on the LO to balance them out - so  I went back to my bottom cluster and added a purple suede tassel - I have always loved how they cam complete a LO.
I then added some faceted enamel dots.  These come in a gorgeous array of colours and truly add a beautiful sparkle to any LO. 
To complete the whole LO I added a deer head cut out (in the same paper that I used to back my window in my LO) and added some messy machine stitching around the edges.
All in all, I am pretty happy with how this LO turned out.  I think I have managed to make it a good mix of grunge and pretty.  Who knew that raspberry and yellow would look so pretty together!?  I sure didn't and am glad I took a risk at using colours that I would not normally use.
Well - that is it this time round.  See you really soon.
Till next time.
Take care.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Born to Sparkle | Amanda Lawrence

Today I am sharing a layout that I made while at a retreat a few weeks ago. I had such a lovely relaxing time with friends and managed quite a few pages which is a bonus!

This page tells the story of a gift my daughter received a few years ago. She put on such a performance with her microphone I thought that 'You Were Born to Sparkle' would be the perfect title for this page.

I began by using a little media to make my background. Knowing where my papers and photo were going to be positioned, I made sure to do my background work where it wouldn't be covered and also to create the diagonal focus across the page.

To create my photo layers I used a Dip Dye Tag, and lace doiley before going to town with my embellishments. I used a sequin bow, Chinese Peony, a flair from the mixed word set and an assortment of paper and resin flowers.

My secondary cluster included a few more paper flowers and resin pieces. To finish, I scattered a few of the pink pearls that were included in a past 'Just Add Paper' kit.

Thanks for stopping by!
Amanda x

Sunday, November 12, 2017

HP fans, by Amanda H

Hello D-lish scraps fans - any Harry Potter fans out there?
I have a couple, and today I have scrapped a photo of my kids and their cousins dressed up for my daughter's Harry Potter party.
Loads of D-lish Scraps goodies to create this page!
I started with a mixed media background. A few layers that include some stencilling. Check out the awesome range of stencils in the D-lish store here.
Then I piled up the layers and add the D-lish!
Here I have used a Creative Cut - a geometric star. These products are so versatile, and I love that I can paint or spray them to make them the colour I need for a layout. For this star, I layered some black Punchinella under it, and some D-lish bits on top.
I love using these bits: Jeweled Cabochans and Faceted Enamel Dots scattered on a page!

How perfect is the washi tape I used? It was from a past Just Add Paper Kit. I totally love getting a new roll of washi tape every month when my kit arrives!
Another gem in Just Add Paper Kits is the little squares of tissue paper. In fact you will find some in the Past Kits and Bits section of the store. I have use some bits of yellow tissue paper throughout this layout, scrunched and tucked into the layers.
And I hope Amanda gets more of the puffy alphabet stickers in stock, as they are so good for our titles.

More Creative Cuts stars and Punchinella, and of course, my-always-a-favourite, sequin bow!

Okay, that's it from me today! I hope you are scrapbooking today!!!!!!

Friday, November 10, 2017

"Love" | Nicolee Cable

Hi there lovelies!!!

Today i have a pastelly layout to share with you. The photos are of my favourite aunty and uncle whom i recently got to spend some time with.  I really felt that the pastel palette was perfect for their personalities and reflects them to a T. 
Dont you love that we can show so much about our scrappy subjects in our creations by using colour, design and embellishments?!
As is my custom, I rummaged through my supplies and gathered all the embellishments that I thought would work well on this layout.  As you can tell, I didn't get to use all of them!

This layout started out as plain white cardstock.  I painted with watercolours on the back ground and stuck strips of D-lish washi tape randomly around the boarder.
After adding the white boarder to my photo and then cardboard behind it to give dimension, I placed a large doilie in the middle of my page and based everything around that.

I wanted lots of flowers on this layout so chose three focal points around the photos.

I used a Creative Cuts medium sized butterfly and cut it in half so it could be used on both sides of the page.

This was stuck down first and then the cluster flowers grouped around it.

I used a Memory Maze words & titles arrow for the title. I painted it with gesso and then went over it with Colour Blast Colour Shimmer Cube Snow White which basically just gave it some sparkle. There was a tiny bit of old pink powder left on my paint palette so i just dipped the brush in it to give the title arrow the slightest hint of colour. How beautiful does this look!! You must give this a go!

These lace butterflies are new to the shop  and they are so lovely to use, just perfect for this layout.

After adding the flowers to the clusters, I added the resin flowers and glitter dots. I also had some decorative straws that I cut in pieces and added them to the clusters for something different.

Here's a list of the D-lish embellishments used:

Flowers (Little Birdie daisies & Serenade, Sakura Blooms, Chinese Peonie)
Embroidered flowers (old JAP kit)

Thanks for looking, hop on over to the store to grab some embellishments for your next project!

See you round for the cybercrop next week.

Take care
Nicolee x

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tags by Mal

  Hi all, 
Do you make your own cards or tags? I do. I try to make a batch at once so I have a bit of a stash and I normally make them all using the same background technique and then embellish with all my 
D-lish easy and cheap too :)

Here's two of my recent tags.
 I started both these tags with some gesso and a swipe of some inks. 
After the background was dry I used the cloud stencil that was in a past Just Add Paper kit. These stencils are only 5x5 and are perfect to use on cards and tags. Check them out here.

After this dried, I chose all my embies. If you know me you know I use what I have on my desk, I don't have a massive stash, I really just use what's in front of me, what I'm loving right now. D-lish stuff is just perfect for me as I can cut stuff up, rip it into pieces and there's lots of bits and pieces that I can add to my page.
 So for this tag I added some punchinella in yellow, a yellow tag from a past JAP kit, some leaves in white and a gorgeous paper flower

Another tag using the same kind of background and then a few select pieces from D-lish Scraps.
Firstly I took one of the white lace butterflies and decided to colour it. Yes that's right, colour it. I often but stuff in white because I can colour it to suit my page or card/tag. So I did just that...I coloured it with some pinky red ink. Love how ti turned out and it is perfect on my tag.

I layered some punchinella, you know I love that stuff because I can rip it into whatever size I cool. And added a title, one of the Paint Chip tabs in blue. 

 I also coloured my flower  just a little bit with some drops of ink on the petals, random but just to add a bit of colour to the flower. And some of the stamens under the flower to add a bit more depth and interest to the tag.

Think I'll go and make some more...they are quite addictive and so quick when you're time poor.

Happy scrapping...xxxMal